Understanding an Escalation Procedure

[icon name=”info-circle” prefix=”fas”] An escalation procedure is an action plan that outlines exactly what steps to take when
a lone worker calls for help or misses an alert.

Here are three points you should consider when creating an effective escalation procedure:

1. Establish how to Contact the Worker

Make sure you have the correct contact phone number for the worker and any alternative number they use. Decide how many times to call, how many minutes to leave between calls and what voice message to leave.

2. Determine what Additional Support is Required

Who is next in line and what should they do? Does this person try calling again and then pass it up the line to management? Or does it get passed to some one able to visit the last known location of the worker?
These decisions will be case by case specific based on the workers role. You should ideally have two other people at this stage.

3. Resolving the Alert

If no one can get to the worker’s location, then your final step should be for someone within the company to take over the alert and resolve it. This could be informing all parties that the worker has been contacted and is safe or escalating outside of Ok Alone.