Setting up an Escalation Procedure

An Escalation Procedure is a system to help you create clear and informative instructions for the monitors or call center operators to follow. The Escalation Procedure Wizard is designed to make the process of setting up your worker’s individual procedures as easy as possible.

What should I focus on for my Escalation Procedure?

We have found that a focus on the monitor delay time, the number of repeat contact attempts, the number of people in the contact list and a clear easy to follow layout will have a much more profound effect on how quickly a situation gets escalated to emergency services should it ever be required.

Company or Worker Escalation Procedures

You can set up a Company Escalation Procedure that will apply to and be followed for all employees or you can set up individual Escalation Procedures for each worker with specific instructions

Setting up a Company Escalation Procedure

To set up a Company Escalation Procedure please open the Ok Alone Add-In, choose Settings, and click the “Edit the Company Escalation Procedure” button.

Building a Company Escalation Procedure

The escalation procedure should be set up a series of steps the person who is responsible for the alert should take.

The three mains steps available are:

  • Call the worker
  • Call another person
  • Visit a location

You can set up these steps in any order you wish. However, the recommend steps are to do the following:

  1. Call the worker
  2. Call the worker again
  3. Call the workers line manager or supervisor
  4. Call the next supervisor available

You may also have monitors who are responsible for each worker, however, the flexibility means you can build up the procedure as you wish. An example procedure would be:

How to Setup a Worker Escalation Procedure

Select the Worker and choose to Edit their profile. Scroll down and choose “Add a Driver Escalaltion” or choose to edit an exisiting one.

Once you are editing the procedure, the process is the same as the company procedure.

Important Escalation Procedure Information

While you are filling in the steps, please don’t give instructions for the operators to call the police/ambulance. The operators are not able to do this. If emergency services are being called to a location, it is often critical that they have detailed knowledge of the site. Simple things like knowing to look for the “Third door on the right” or to “Go past the main gate and look for a green side gate” become very important when time is of the essence. Our call centre staff will never have this kind of information. Supervisors, managers and internal people will. However, the call centre can be instructed to tell your last internal contact to call the police/ambulance.

You can choose to leave the instruction to call the authorities in your voicemail, E.g. “Hello Manager’s name, Worker X has missed a check in. Monitor Y has been notified but has not responded. Please investigate further or call the police and update them on the situation.”