High Risk Function on your iPhone

Sometimes people are heading into a potentially high risk situation and want a little extra protection.  For example, if they are going to a new location or leaving the worksite to complete a solitary task. This is when you want a high-risk check-in.

What is High Risk Check-in

The Ok Alone app enables you to change your next check-in time. It can be as little as 10 minutes or as long as 60.  If for some reason you don’t complete your check-in as expected, your team will be alerted and help will be sent.

How to Setup a High Risk Check-in

While on shift – you should have four options in orange boxes. Tap on ‘High Risk’.

You will have the option to choose to reduce your check in time to between 10 and 50 minutes. Tap the time you require.

On the main screen your check in time is reduced. Once you have completed your task, tap ‘I’m Ok’ and the system will return to the original check in duration.