How to update your Status via Sms

Workers can Check in using an SMS text message.

You need to enter a Worker ID, followed by a comma, followed by a status code

For example, if your Worker ID was 5684, you would type:

  • 5684,start – this would start your shift
  • 5684,Ok – to Check-in
  • 5684,end – Ends your shift

NOTE: If Ok Alone recognizes your cell/mobile number, the Worker ID may be skipped.

NOTE: If you are in New Zealand, there is no New Zealand number currently available to send a SMS text to, you can only call.

Messages sent via SMS will also appear on the ‘OK Alone Home’ tab and in the Log Files.

To do this, simply add your message at the end of the text.

  • 5684,Ok,Your message – to Check-in AND send a message back to the office
  • For example – 5684,Ok,my starting mileage is 54,879

The numbers for Workers in each country are: in Canada +1 604 256 5739 or +1 438-500-1809
in the UK +44 1986 232027
in Australia +61 0417 667 857
in New Zealand +64 9-887-8405